A Complete Guide To Connect Custom Domain To Your Blogger Blog

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In this particular blog post I will show you How To Connect Custom Domain To Your Blogger Blog.

There are lots of website running on the internet and your's might be one of them or going to be one of them.

If you have planned to start blogging, then you might have purchased the domain of your liking or may be you are planning to purchase it.

It's good if you have already purchased domain, you only need to properly connect it to your blogger's blog.

But if you don't have domain, then don't worry. Here are the some domain providers from where you can purchase the domain.

  • GoDaddy
  • BigRock
  • Google Domains
  • bluehost

This are some of the popular domain providers. Obviously there are other sites from where you can purchase the domain, but I recommend you to buy it from one of the above sites.

Connecting Custom Domain To Blogger's Blog

First step is to buy a domain. I suppose you already completed this step.

Now, go to blogger and sign in with your account (ignore if you already signed in).

After signing in, go to Settings > basic.
In this section you will see the option of blog address. There you have to click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog.
(see below image)

Now, you will see the empty box where you have to enter your custom domain address.

Note: Remember to add www. before your domain address.
For example,

Now click on save.

Once you click on save button, you will get an error showing we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.
You will also get two CNAME which you have to add into DNS of your domain provider.
(see below image)

Now you have to log in to your domain provider. Suppose you purchased a domain from GoDaddy website, then go to GoDaddy's website and sign in with your account.

After signing in, go to DNS Management.
(For GoDaddy user click on your profile icon 👤 and go to my products. Under your products section you will see your purchased domain. Click on DNS under your domain to open DNS Management)

Once you open DNS Management, you will see different records. Here you have to add those two CNAME which we got earlier.

Click on add and enter those two CNAME one by one.
(see below image)

Process of adding CNAME is complete.
Now we have to redirect our naked domain to www.

For this, we have to add below four A records.


So again click on add button but this time select record type as A instead of CNAME.
Enter @ in Host field.
Enter above four records in Points to field one by one.
(see below image)

After adding above records, scroll-down and you will see Forwarding option under DNS Management.
Enter your domain address with www into forward to field and click on save.
(see below image)

Now, entire process has been completed.
Just one last thing you have do is to go back to blogger Settings > Basic and click on edit option on the right side of your custom blog address and check mark ✔️ Redirect example-screen.com to www.example-screen.com.

That's all guys!
We have successfully connected our custom domain to our Blogger blog. It may take some time to take into effect so be patient.

If you still have any queries regarding above guides, then please do comment and let me know.

Good Bye 👋🏻, see you in the next post.

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