How To Make Disk Partition in Windows PC Without Formatting

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In this post, I will show you simple and easy way to do it.

Now a days, in this era of growing technology, most of us are using smartphones and computers and various other devices. In our smartphones and computers we have lots of files and data stored which may be very important for us. Many of us like to organise such data into different-different folders or drives so that we can find it easily whenever we need them.

In our laptop or computer there can be 3 to 4 drives or may be even more drives are available, like C:\ drive, D:\ drive, E:\ drive etc. This drives may have different sizes, which depends on the size of your computer's hard-disk.

How Hard-Disk Partition Can Be Helpful

Suppose you have 3 drives available on your PC, as C:\ drive, D:\ drive and E:\ drive.
Now let's assume that this drives have storage capacity of 256GB, 256GB and 512GB respectively.

Here, you can see that E:\ drive has 512GB capacity. Now, if you want to make a new drive namely F:\ drive from this E:\ drive having storage capacity of 256GB, then by following this guide you can do it within couple of minutes.

After doing such partition, now you will have four drives as C:\ drive, D:\ drive, E:\ drive and F:\ drive with each having storage capacity of 256GB. You can use this newly created F:\ drive to store particular type of data such as movies, music, study files, etc.
Ultimately, this way hard-disk partition can be useful for you to store your data in organised manner.(This is just an example, number of drives and it's size can be different in your case).

Now, let's see the complete method to do it.

Make Disk Partition In Windows PC Without Formatting The Disk

Step 1 - Right click on 'This PC' and then click on 'manage'.
(see below image)

Step 2 - Go to Storage and click on 'Disk Management'.
(see below image)

Step 3 - Now right click on disk from which you want to make a new drive and then click on 'Shrink Volume'.
(see below image)

Step 4 - Now enter the amount of space you want to reduce from that disk in 3rd field and then click on 'Shrink'.
(see below image)

Step 5 - Now wait for some time as process goes on, Once process completes you will see Unallocated Space.

Step 6 - Right click on 'Unallocated Space' and then click on 'New Simple Volume'.

Step 7 - On next screen click on 'next'.

Step 8 - Now select any letter for your disk (in my case it's 'E') and click on 'next'.

Step 9 - Now if you want to give any name to your newly created disk, then enter name in 'Volume Label' field and click on 'next'.

That's all guys.

You have successfully created a new drive on your PC without loosing any of your data.

If you have any queries at any point, then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Good Bye 👋🏻, see you in the next post.

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