Things To Remember While Choosing Domain Name For Your Website

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What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the address of your website or say it's a URL of your blog or website. Every website has unique Domain name. Domain name is not only the address of your website, it also an identity of your website on the internet. So whenever users type your domain name in the URL box, internet will send them to your website or blog.

Let's see an example,
My website URL is
So, in my case is the domain name of my blog.

Other popular examples of domain names are,,,, etc...

So in this post we will see some points that we should keep in our mind while choosing domain name for our website.

Buying domain name is not a rocket science, but choosing a name is little bit confusing as well as time consuming.

As you are going to start a new website, you might have already thought about the name of your website and domain name. But first of all we need to find out that the domain name which we want to use or which we want purchase is available or not.

As we all know that every website has it's unique address i.e domain name. Also there are millions of website are out there on the internet, which decreases the chances of getting domain name of our interest.

In SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), there is lots of confusion whether to choose long domain name or short domain name and which one performs better. As said above chances of getting shorter name is very less. But don't be disappointed if you get a longer domain name. If you have longer domain name, it does not mean that your site will perform bad in SEO. Ranking of the site and it's popularity is based on your work and quality of your content on your website.

Now I would like you to go through below some points. 

1. Name should be easy to read and remember

Choose a name which can be easily read. Also try to get a name which can be easily remember by your audience. For this try to keep your domain name as short as possible by keeping two or three words in your domain name.

For example, is a name which one can easily read and remember. So whenever your audience wants to revisit your website, they can easily recall such a name. On the other hand if you choose a name like, your audience may find it difficult to read as there are only random alphabatic latter with no meaningful word. Also such type of names are hard to remember for a long time.

2. Avoid using numbers in your name

When you look for a name like, you may find that such a name is not available for purchase as it may be already taken by someone else. So, you will try to put a numbers in your name such as Former type of names are hard to find but later type of names are easy to find.

But, when you choose a name like, there are chances that your audience may misunderstood such a name as there as few different variations are possible for above name such as,,, etc...

So, it is notable that we should try not to include numbers in our domain name in order to avoid confusion due to above such variations. Also it looks odd when you include numbers in your domain name.

3. Keep your name brandable

Don't use simple words in your domain name. Don't select a name which looks like ordinary name.

For example, if your blog is about photography or graphics editing then don't try to select a name like,,, etc. Instead of selecting such a name try to include your surname or place or nickname in your domain name like,, etc. So, in future if your blog becomes popular, your domain name will be the thing by which people will know you and your work. Later on day by day if you try to improve your work, then you might can make your domain name as a brand like,, etc.

4. Select a name which reflects the type of your content

It is advisable to select a name which gives your audience some ideas of what kind of things they will find on your website.

For example, if you have selected a name like, then from this name your users will get an idea about what kind of content they will find on your website. As we have included graphics word in our name, by reading this word people can easily get an idea that they will find a content related to graphics such as photography, video-editing, photo-editing, etc.

On the other hand if your website is about photography and graphics and you select a name which is completely irrelevant with your website content, then your audience may get confused.

So, in best practice try to represent your content by your domain name.

5. Use top level domain extension

There are lots of domain extension available such as .com, .org, .net, .in, .edu, .gov, .info, and many more.

You might have noticed that most of the website on the internet uses .com, .in, .net like domain extension. This are the most popular & widely used domain extension. So, I would recommend you to choose this type of domain extension over other non-popular domain extensions.

6. Think about your future plan

If you have planed to make a blog or website, you might have thought about the type of content that you will put on your website.

Let's assume that you are going to start your own business of pizza and for that you started a website where people can order pizza online. Accordingly you purchased a domain name for your website. Upto this point there is nothing to worry. But after a year or two, you decided to expand your business by adding other foods such as burgers, chinese-food, non-veg foods, etc. Now, at this point your domain name may create a problem as it include pizza in its name. Means when customer see your website on internet, they will read your domain name and thinks that you offers only pizza. So, this kind of problem may be bad for your business. So, ultimately I would recommend you to consider your future plan while buying a domain name.

7. If possible, buy more then one domain extension

At first you will think that what is necessity of buying more than one domain extension when you need only one. But when your blog or website become popular and stands out on the internet, at that time you will understand the real meaning/value of this point. When you are doing great work, I mean when your website getting lots of views, at that point your domain name represents your hard-work, your own ideas and ultimately it represents you.

In the beginning of your journey you may have purchased a single domain. Let's say you purchased Then after doing so much hard work and sharing your own ideas(content), you managed to drive a huge traffic to your website and made it very popular among your audience. Now this name is popular, so other person will try to buy a same name with another domain extension such as,,, etc. This may confuse your audience and it might affect your viewers count.

So, if possible try to purchase more than one domain extension in order to avoid above such problem.

Final words

So, this are the some points that I would suggest you to remember while purchasing your domain name. This may not be the best guide but it can help you a little bit in the regorous process of choosing a perfect name for your website.

That's it guys!

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