How To Create Clickable Image Widget In Blogger

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Today in this post we will see the complete process on how to create/add clickable image widget in blogger.

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Clickable image widget means when you click on an image, it will redirect you to specific URL.

You might be using blogger for blogging and wanted to customize your blog by adding different widgets to your theme. Adding this clickable image widget on your blog is also a good idea.

So, let's see the simple and easy process of adding this widget on our blog.

Requirements :

1. An image (which you want to display on your widget)
2. URL of that image.
3. URL of site or page where you want to redirect your audience when they click on widget.
4. HTML code of widget (code is given below).

<a href="url-where-you-want-to-redirect">
<img src="your-image-url"/>

This is the simple HTML code for our clickable image widget.

You can also modify the above code by adding required height and width of your image. For example,

<a href="url-where-you-want-to-redirect">
<img src="your-image-url" width="360" height="auto"/>

Now, in above code, you have to replace two things. You have to add URL where you want to redirect that image and URL of that image. 

Now we got complete code for our clickable image widget. Only things left is to add this widget in our blog. 

So, let's see how to add this widget on our blog.

1. Sign in to your blogger account (ignore if already done).

2. Go to Layout

3. Now click on add widget in sidebar section or footer section as per your like. 

4. Now you will see different types of widget options on your screen, click on HTML/Java script.

5. Now copy and paste the HTML code in the content field. Also give any title to your widget such as join our telegram channel, join our facebook page, etc. Finally click on save. (see below image for more understanding)

That's it guys, 

We have successfully created and added clikable image widget on our blog. 

I hope you found this article useful for you. Please let me know if you have any queries. 

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