How To Sync Notifications Between Android Device And Windows PC

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Today in this post we are going to see a trick by which you can receive your android mobile notifications on your windows 10 computer.

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Windows 10 comes with great features and Microsoft always try to include more and more features in their windows operating system. And today we are going to see one very nice feature of windows 10 operating system which allows you to sync notifications between your android device and your windows PC.

By enabling this feature, you can see your android device notifications on your PC and similarly reverse is also possible. I mean you can also receive windows notifications on your android device too.

So, let's see how to enable this feature on your windows 10 computer and how to sync notifications between android device and windows PC. 

Step 1: Download and install 'your phone companion - Link to windows' app on your android device.

Step 2: Now open that app and sign in with the same microsoft account which you are using on your windows computer.

Step 3: Now click on profile icon (at the top right corner of your screen) and go to settings.

Step 4: Now tap on sync notifications and turn on notifications for missed call, incoming messages, low battery, app notifications, etc.

Step 5: Now open settings menu on your windows 10 PC and go to Cortana (i.e. Settings > Cortana).

Step 6: Now click on notifications and turn on send notifications between device. 

That's it guys!!

You will now see notifications on your windows 10 PC when you receive any notifications on your android device.

Similarly, if you want to get your windows PC notifications on your android device, then...

Step 7: Click on Manage notifications and turn on get notifications from this PC on my phone.

That's all.

You are now all set to enjoy this feature.

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