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When we talk about making money online, ads-monetization is one of the best source for that.

What is Ad-monetization?
Ad-monetization is the process of generating revenue by showing different types of ads to your audience or visitors.

When someone asks, which is the best and most popular ad-network? Most of us answer that Google adsense is the best.

What is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is the programme run by Google which allows you to make money from your blog or website by monetizing your content and showing ads to your visitors and audience.

There is no doubt that Google adsense is one of the best source to make some income from your blog.


What if your adsense account got banned by Google?  OR

What if your blog does not comply with Google adsense's policy?  OR

What if your request for monetizing your blog got rejected by them?

Does it means that you can not show ads on your blog and make money?

Answer is NO.

There are lots of adsense alternative out there and waiting for you.

So, here in this post we will see some of the best adsense alternative that you should try in such situation.

Generally, getting monetization approval for your blog or website is not a easy process. But if your blog or website have quite good content and good user traffic, then you can get monetization approve easily.

Check out:

So, Let's check out the list. is one of the best and most popular adsense alternative. is a contextual ad-network and widely used. allows you to monetize your blog and earn decent amount of money from its various types of ads such as contextual ads, display ads, native ads, etc.

As I said is a contextual ad-network which means it shows ads relevant to your content. This is the best thing because when people see an ad related to what they are reading, chances of getting click on that ad becomes higher which ultimately increases your revenue.

Try out here


PropellerAds is another popular ad-network loved by its user. PropellerAds is a self-serve ad platform providing ad-serving and optimization technology to online marketers and web publishers.

PropellerAds offer you different kinds of ad units such as push-notification ads, one click ads, native ads, native interstitial, etc.

PropellerAds also have automated ad optimization feature which automatically optimize your ads with the help of AI technology to ensure higher ads conversion rates.

Try out PropellerAds here

Amazon native shopping ads

Being a blogger, you must have heard about amazon affiliate program, which is the most popular way to make money from affiliate sales. But this amazon native shopping ads is another great feature offered by amazon.

Amazon native shopping ads shows very relevant shopping ads based on your page content and visiting users. This ads are responsive in nature.

Amazon native shopping ads also allows you to show custom products ads on your page, which is quite good feature.

If you have very good numbers of visitors on your blog or website, then this amazon native shopping ads platform provides you excellent opportunity to earn pretty good amount of money from affiliate product sales.

Sign-up for amazon native shopping ads


Infolinks is also among the top advertising network, it has vast network with around 240 million+ monthly unique users and with nearly 1.5 billion+ monthly ad views.

Infolinks also do have referral program where you can earn upto 10% of the revenue of your friend (i.e. Referral).

So, if your adsense account got banned, it is worth to try infolinks.

Create free account on infolinks

Sovrn // Commerce (Formerly VigLinks)

When we talk about top Adsense alternatives, we can not forgot about sovrn(i.e. VigLinks). Concept of sovrn(i.e. VigLinks) is quite different from the above ones. Sovrn is like a affiliate marketing programme where affiliate sales is the source of revenue generation.

sovrn(i.e. VigLinks) deliver revenue to publishers through content driven commerce with leverage, insight and automation.

sovrn(i.e. VigLinks) has one of the largest market place all around the globe. It has around 250 million+ daily active consumers and nearly $1 billion+ annual consumer purchase, which attract most us. If you have good enough traffic on your blog, because of sovrn's huge market, you can earn outstanding amount of money from affiliate sales.

Check out sovrn(Formerly VigLink) and create your account


Skimlinks also similar to sovrn(i.e. VigLinks). It is also a content driven commerce platform.

Skimlinks affiliate product links from your commerce related content automatically. If your pages have keywords related to commerce product, then this both skimlinks and sovrn(i.e. VigLinks) will be very useful and profitable to you.

Skimlinks also have a referral program where you can earn upto 35% commission from the publisher you refer.

So, it is definitely worth to try anyone from Sovrn(i.e. VigLinks) and Skimlinks.

Sign-up on skimlinks


Adversal is also major adsense alternative that you can opt for. Adversal is a native advertising platform. Adversal also offers you wide range of ad units such as video ads, display ads, native ads, etc.

Adversal can be users choice for adsense alternative but adversal have some tight requirements in order qualify your blog or website for monetization. It requires around 50,000 monthly page views on your blog and you also must have your own custom domain (i.e. You can not use adversal on free domain such as and (if you don't know how to connect custom domain to your blog then check out this post).

Find more about Adversal and create your free account

That's all.

Final words

So,these are some of the best adsense alternatives that you can tryout. They may have different-different methods & ways to show ads on your blog, but ultimately if you have quite good users footfall on your blog or website, you can generate revenue that will put you in wonder.

That's all guys.

I hope you found this article useful.

Don't forget to share your views & experience in comment section if you are using one of the above monetization platform.

Good bye 👋🏻, see you soon.

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