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Have you stated a blog but don't have enough thoughts in your mind. Are you shorted out of ideas or topics to write awesome blog post on your blog, then don't worry. You are at the right place.

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Here in this post we are going discuss couple of things which will help you to get some ideas and topics on which you can create your own blog post and make it available to your lovely readers.


You may have your own blog and I am pretty sure that you were going great with your blog but sometimes we got confused or say our mind got stuck because we couldn't find a topic to write a new post for our readers. 

As a blogger, you always try to engage more audience by providing quality content and content they need, on time. But when we couldn't find topic for our next blog post, it disturb us because it breaks our publishing schedule.

But here I have some points, if you do follow these points, you can get more and more topics and queries on which you can write a new post according to your blog niche.

Below are the some places, from where you can find the topics.

#1. Scroll through Quora

You must have heard about quora. It is an excellent platform where you can find lots of queries and there answers too. This platform can be great useful for you because if you are a quora user, you can find lots of unanswered questions or popular topic related to your blog niche when you scroll through your quora feeds. Upon such questions you can get ideas to write a new blog post for your blog. 

Ultimately we can say that Quora is the ocean of queries and answers, irrespective of the topics. So, If you are looking for the topics for your next blog post, I would suggest you to atleast visit Quora website and I am pretty sure that you will get a new topic to share your thoughts on it.

#2. Try google's question hub

Question hub is one the great place to find a topic for writing blog post. This platform is specially out there to help publishers like you to create reacher and quality content for your blog or website. 

Initially when you sign-up on question-hub, it will ask you to select different topics & categories. According to those categories, question hub will show you tons of relavent and unanswered questions that people are searching on internet to seek the solution of those questions. 

According to your blog niche, you can pick any queries from the question hubs results and if you know the solution of those queries, you can write the solution or you can share your thoughts on it. After creating a new post on those queries, you can also share the answers on question-hub, which will further help you to gain more views on your blog. 

From question-hub you can also get an idea about what people are searching or looking on the internet and what kind of queries gets most searched by peoples. So, ultimately this platform will help you create unique and richer content for your blog.

 #3. Look at people also ask section in google search result

When we search about something on google, it will shows us a result based on that keyword. Also you have noticed that when we search about any keyword, google shows us a similar questions asked by peoples in people also ask section on search result page. Initially it shows us like 5-6 similar questions that peoples frequently ask.

So, if you want to get an idea to create a new content, just search on google with the keyword releted to your blog niche and you can see couple of popular questions on which you can write a new blog post.

#4. Read comments on other blog posts

This is also a great way by which you can find a topic to write a new blog post. 

Generally when we write any post on our blog, people do comments on it how useful that post was for them and some people asks questions related to that topics.

For example, if you have written a post on how to properly install xyz software on windows PC. When person who wants to install that software on his PC, he will follow your guide but suppose he got some errors while installing that software on his PC which you didn't get. So, that person who got error will do comment on your post that i am getting this kind of error, how to solve it? Why am i getting this error? etc...etc...

So, what am i saying is, when you write about anything on your blog, try to read peoples comment on it. Not only on your blog but try to read comments on other people's blog post. From there you may get an idea or topic to create new blog post.

So, these were some useful points that you should take into consideration if you want to find more and more topics to write blog post.

That's it for now guys!!

I hope you find this stuff useful. Do comment if you have any questions.

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