How To Install YouTube Vanced On Android Device

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Today I came up with very intresting and very useful post for you. In this post I will show you how you can install YouTube Vanced application on your android device.

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What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is an App similar to original YouTube but, YouTube Vanced provide you some feature that is available only on YouTube premium. Unlike YouTube premium, YouTube Vanced is completely free for use. This is the reason why we should download and check out this amazing YouTube Vanced app.

So, let's see the complete guide on how to install this YouTube Vanced application on our android device.

Step 1. First of all visit site on your browser.

Step 2. Once the site is open, you will see the option to download Vanced manager app. Click on download vanced manager to download it on your device.

Step 3. After downloading Vanced manager, install it on your android device.

Step 4. Now open that app. Click on nonroot option on the top left corner of your screen. (if your device is rooted, then you can choose root option). 

Step 5. Now you have to install MicroG app on your device in order to run YouTube Vanced app. So click on install button on the right side of MicroG in Vanced manager app. 

Step 6. Once MicroG gets installed on your device, Click on install button on the right of Vanced app and select the theme and preferred language as per your like and click on finish button at the bottom corner of your screen. 

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YouTube Vanced is now installed on your android device. Now you can enjoy using this truly amazing app for free. 

I hope you all found this guide very useful to you. Please do comment and share with your friends if you like it. 

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