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Microsoft's windows operating system is very popular among its users and it is because it carries dozens of great features.

You all may be using different-different versions of windows operating system on your computer. But if are using an older version and wants to upgrade to newer version, then you need a bootable CD or USB drive to install that newer version on your computer.

If you don't have a bootable CD or USB, don't worry. You can create it easily by yourself.

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So, today in this post I will give a step by step guide to create bootable USB flash drive using command prompt (cmd). (You can also create it by using different kinds of softwares available for that).

Let's see how to do it.


#1. First thing you require is an USB drive. (Make sure to take a backup from your USB drive, because in order to make it bootable, we have to format it).

Also make sure that your USB drive have at least 4GB storage capacity. (I recommend you to use USB drive having 8GB storage capacity, but if you don't have 8GB pen drive then 4GB will be fine).

#2. An ISO file of the operating system.

If you don't have an ISO file, you can easily download it from microsoft's official website. (Links are given below)

Download windows 8.1 disk image (ISO file)

Download windows 10 disk image (ISO file)

Step by step guide to create bootable USB drive using cmd

Step 1. First of all connect your USB pendrive with your PC.

Step 2. Now search for "cmd" in windows search bar and right click on cmd from search results and "run it as administrator".

Step 3. Once, command prompt gets open, type below commands,

diskpart (hit enter)

list disk (hit enter)

Now you will be able to see the list of available disk on your PC including your USB drive. Note down the disk number of your USB drive. (In my case disk number for my USB drive is 1).

Now, we are going to select the USB drive and we will wipe it and format it so that we can properly mount ISO file in it and make it bootable.

For that, type below commands in cmd,

select Disk 1 (hit enter)

clean (hit enter)

create partition primary (hit enter)

select partition 1 (hit enter)

format fs=fat32 quick (hit enter)

active (hit enter)

Now if you want to assign any letter to your drive then you can do it by typing below command,

assign letter=z (hit enter) (This an optional step)

exit (hit enter)

Now, task of formatting the drive is completed and only thing left is to copy data from ISO file.

For that, double click on ISO file which you have downloaded. (This will mount ISO file on your computer).

Now you will be able to see newly mounted drive with specific letter. (In my case, disk letter is (G:)).

To copy data from this mounted iso drive to your USB drive, type below command in command prompt,

xcopy G:\*.* /s/e/f Z:\ (hit enter)


(G:) is letter of mounted ISO drive

(Z:) is letter of USB drive 

So, change it in above command according to your drive letter.

Once you hit enter button after writing above command, process of copying data will get started. Wait until the process gets completed.

(See below image)

That's it my friends, we have successfully created bootable USB drive and you can install that windows version on your computer anytime you want.

Please do comment if you have any queries.

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