How To Create Disposable Email Addresses On Yahoo Mail!


Hey there!! What's up,

Are you tired of receiving spam mails and promotional mails right into your personal primary inbox? 

Do you want to get rid of them?

Here's the trick for you.

So, grab a cup ☕ of coffee and read this completed trick to do so.

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As we know that nowadays email address is required at every place. You might be receiving couple of mails everyday into your inbox but some of them may be just a promotional or spam mails.

Have you ever wondered from where you got those spammy mails and how did the sender got your e-mail address?

Let me tell you,

When you visit any website, you may have noticed that many websites ask you to subscribe to their newsletter and some may ask your e-mail address as a contact details. Later on website owner may sell collected e-mail addresses to clients who wants to promote their business and so you start receiving those unwanted mails into your inbox.

But here we have a trick by which you can create disposable email addresses on your Yahoo Mail! and you can use that disposable email addresses as long as you want and when you don't need it, you can easily delete it.

Step by step guide to create disposable email addresses on Yahoo Mail!

#1. First of all sign-in to your Yahoo Mail account.

(You have to open your Yahoo mail in desktop browser. If you are opening it on your smartphone, then select desktop site on your smartphone browser).

#2. After signing-in, click on Mail button at the top right corner.

#3. Click on Setting icon ⚙️ at the top right corner.

#4. Click on "More Settings" under setting menu.

#5. Now, click on "Mailboxes" and then click on "Disposable email address".

#6. Under disposable email address, click on "Add" button. 

Now, it will ask you to set base name for your disposable email addresses. (Remember that you can not change this base name later on).

After writing base name, click on "Next".

#7. Again click on "Add" button under disposable email address.

Now, set your address by typing any name or keyword after your base name.

Disposable email address may look like,

<Base name> - <Keyword>


You can also add "Sending name" and "Discription" for your disposable email address.

Finally click on save button.

That's it my friend, your disposable email address is created successfully and you can use it wherever you want. You will receive emails into your primary inbox. You can also delete that disposable email address whenever you want.

You can create upto 500 disposable email addresses in single Yahoo Mail! account.

I hope you find this guide helpful.

If you have any queries, please do comment.

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