What Is Google People Card And How To Make Your Own People Card


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Everyday google is trying very hard make their users life easy. Google is very committed to providing their users a very easy and efficient solution to their problems in order to make their life easy in all manner.

For this, google are providing tons of tools and features that we can use in our daily life. All of us uses google's service and we know that how useful those services are for our life.

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Today in this post we are going to talk about another great service offered by google. It is called as "Google People Card".

What is Google People Card?

Google People Card is like a virtual business card. 

If you are a business owner, you might have printed a business cards of your own. And you probably are giving those cards to your clients so that they can reach you or contact you when they needs you. Those are a physical cards. But have you ever heard about virtual business card.

Well, google have launched a new feature called Google People Card. Theses people cards are virtual business cards which helps freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers and influencers to make their presence on google search and ultimately helps them to make popular and expand their businesses.

By using this people card feature, people can create virtual visiting cards for themselves. People can create these virtual cards with the name of their brands or with their own name. 

So, when users will search for that name on google search, google will show them your virtual visiting card that you have created for your business. 

Ultimately this feature helps both clients as well as business owners. Because of this feature, clients can easily find about you (or your business) based on your virtual card profile and according to the information you shared on your virtual card, they can determine whether service offered by you fits to their needs or not.

How To Make A Google People Card For Ourselves

Creating a people card is not a rocket science. It is as simple as creating a time machine (just kidding... 😅).

Trust me, it's very easy.

Simply follow below steps to create your own google people card.

#1. First of all you need a gmail account. (Everyone have one, so assuming no needs of this step). If you don't have gmail account, then create one but believe me it will be a rocket science 😅.

#2. Search for "add me to search" on google. And there you will find a search result to add yourself to google search. Just Click on "Get started".

#3. Now sign-in with your google account.

#4. Now you have to fill the details asked on your screen. So provide your biodata/details.

Required details are:





You can add other additional details or information if you want.

Below image shows you kind of additional details you can add to your virtual card.

One thing you may notice that, you can not change the email address and mobile number. This is because google directly collect these two information from your google account.

But if you don't want to share your mobile number and email address to people, you can choose not to display them. So don't worry about that.

#5. Once you enter all the details, you can preview your google card to see how it looks like when it goes live.

If you are ok with the privew shown to you, you can save it.

Now your virtual people card is ready to make your business fly.

Now whenever people serach for the name which you have entered in your virtual card, google will show them your virtual card with your profile.

Example of google people card is shown in below image,

That's all what I have to share with you.

Thank you for reading. Please do comment, if you have any questions.

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