How To Start a New YouTube Channel (Beginner Friendly Guide)


It's been around 15 years since YouTube has launched. From the beginning, YouTube is a very great platform to get some entertainment.

We all uses YouTube everyday to get some entertainment or to learn something. 

Nearly 1 billion hours of video watched by people every single day on youtube. And this shows how much youtube is engaged with their audience.

From the above figure, you can surely see that how useful youtube will be for you if you have a something great, something unique, something interesting or have some informative stuff to share with people all around the world.

But how do you share your stuff (content/videos) with other people on youtube or let's say how do you start your own youtube channel?

Have you ever tried to create a new youtube channel or thought about creating one youtube channel for yourself or for your business?

If you have passion to share something with others or if you want to make your business grow, youtube will be a great choice for that.

Later on if your content gets good amount of reach, you can generate decent amount of money from it. But earning money from youtube channel is a way later thing, and before that you have to be aware of how to create a brand new youtube channel.

So, Are you ready to create your own channel on youtube?

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Here in this guide, I will tell you step by step guide to start a new youtube channel.

Guide to create a new Youtube channel

#1. Own a gmail account

If you want to start a youtube channel, then you must have a valid gmail account. Without gmail account, you can not sign-up on youtube to start a new channel.

So, if you have a gmail account then there's no problem. You can use it or if you want to have a seperate gmail account for your youtube channel, then you can also create a new gmail account specially for your youtube channel.

#2. Sign-up on YouTube

Open website on your desktop browser or open it on your smartphone browser with desktop site mode.

Once the website gets open, click on "Sign in" button on the top right corner.

Now enter your gmail account credentials (address & password) to complete the sign-in process. (Make sure that you have complete access to gmail account which you are using while sign-in process. Also don't forget to add recovery options such as recovery email & recovery phone number into your gmail account to recover it if something goes wrong.)


#3. Creating a new channel

After signing-in to youtube, you are now ready to create to a new youtube channel.

For that,

Click on your "profile icon" at the top right corner and then click on "create a channel".


On your next screen, you will see two options to create your youtube channel. Either you can create a channel with name and profile picture which you have in your google account or you can create a channel using a brand or other custom name and picture. (I recommend you to go with "use a custom name" option).


Next, it will ask you to enter a custom name for your youtube channel. So, write down the name you'd like as your channel name. 

After writing the name, tick mark ✔️ "I understand that I am creating a new Google Account with its own settings, including YouTube search and watch history".

Finally click on "Create" button.


After that, you will get options to further customize your channel by adding some important details such as,

>> You can upload a profile picture for your youtube channel.

>> You can also add a discription about your channel.

>> You can also add different links to youtube channel. (Those links could be your website link or your social media links).

Fill out those details which you think is useful and that's it.

And finally congratulations to you(scientist), you've just create a brand new youtube channel and it's ready to spread your words & thoughts.

Note: There is other important things that you can do in your new youtube channel such as adding channel art, customize the layout of your channel and etc. we are not going to discuss those things in this article but in near future you may see those guides.

Frequently asked questions:

Is YouTube channel free?

Yes my friend! Creating youtube channel is completely free of cost. You just only need a gmail account for that.

How to get paid from YouTube channel?

That's right, you can earn money from your youtube videos but for that you have to make google adsense account and you have to connect it with your youtube channel.

Also you have to fulfill some requirements on your channel such as watch hours & number of subscribers in order to be eligible for monetizing your channel with adsence.

How do you create business youtube channel?

Well, the process of creating a youtube channel is same for all. Weather it is personal channel or business channel, you can create it by following above guide.

How long does it takes to make money from youtube channel?

Well, answer to this question is not a straight. It mostly depends on your content and how much people loves it and find it worth to watch. 

If your content is getting high reach, then you can start earning money within a month from creating your channel or it may take a year or more to make money from youtube channel if your content is not upto the mark.

Can I create Youtube channel without Gmail Account?

Answer is clear No.

You can't even sign-in to youtube without gmail account, then how you can create a channel on youtube.

How many subscribers do I need to get paid?

You need atleast 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel to make it eligible for applying for adsence approval. And after getting adsence approval you can start making money.

How many watch hours required to monetize my youtube channel?

You need to have 4000 hours of watch time over last 12 months to get adsence approval on your youtube channel.

Do you have any other questions? Let me know and I will try to answer it and add it here.

Thank you for your time to read this post.

Good bye 👋🏻, have a great day.

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