How To Install Java JDK On Windows Operating System


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You may be using computer for doing lots of things like programming, gaming, coding, internet surfing and other tasks as well.

But when we talk about doing programming, coding or say when we talk about development (development of apps,games, softwares,etc...), we need to have a environment sets up for doing those things.

For, that we need to have specific programs installed on our computer. Some programs can run itself but some most popular softwares like Android Studio, Cygwin Android Kitchen, etc. required java jdk (java development kit) to be installed before you actually run those software.

If you are fond of using such softwares like Android Studio, Android Kitchen and other similar softwares, you must probably have heard about Java JDK ( java development kit).

So, today in this post I am going to give a step by step guide on how to properly install java jdk (java development kit) on your windows operating system.

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Let's see the simple guide without wasting time any further.

Step by step guide to install Java JDK on windows operating system

#1. First of all you have to download a Java JDK files according to your system configuration.

For, that just search on google for java jdk and you will come up with search result from to download Java SE. This Java SE download includes java jdk (java development kit), server java JRE (java runtime environment). So, click on that search result to go to the official website to download Java JDK.

Or you can just click here to download Java JDK.

#2. Once the website gets open, you will see the options to download different versions of Java SE. 

As of now, Java SE 15 is the latest version available.

Now click on jdk download button under java SE 15 to see different jdk download files for different operating system.

#3. On next page, you will see different java SE development kit files and their file size for different operating system.

Download JDK file according to your system or operating system.

Assuming you have windows 10 operating system with x64 bit version, click on jdk-15_windows-x64_bin.exe file on the right side of windows x64 installer.

Now tick mark ✔️ I reviewed and accept the Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE and then click on button below it.

This will start downloading your file, meanwhile the file is downloading, you can make a maggie for yourself if you know how to 😅.

#4. Once the file gets downloaded, double click on it to run it and then click on next.

Now it will ask if you want to change the installation directory. If you don't want to change it click on next button. (I recommend you not to change the installation directory and leave it as it is).

Now wait for the installation and at the end you will get a message that java development kit is successfully installed.

Click on close button and that's it.

What's next:

This was just the installation process, but inorder to make java command working, you have to edit the system environment variables.

You have to add java bin environment variable and java home variable into your system environment variables.

If you don't know how to add java environment variables to your system, just see my other guide for that.

If have any queries at any point, feel free to do comment.

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