Introduction To Google Search Console And Its Features


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We all uses internet to find out the information we need. In order to get the information or solution of our problem, we search for that on search engine and it shows us relavent results. And popular search engine among all is google.

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If you are a blogger or a business owner, you may have tried to rank your website on google so you can engage more and more users.

But in order to rank your website, you have moniter your website performance and you have to do lots of work on your website.

But one question may come in your mind that, how can I moniter my website performance?

If you are a blogger, I will be amazed if you say that I am not aware of Google Search Console.

Today in this post I am going to tell you about google search console and its features.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console is a great tool or say service offered by Google itself. It is completely free of cost.

Google search console is used for monitoring, analysing and troubleshooting our own blog or website.

Google search console helps us to track our website performance and we can get ideas about how our blog or website is performing on google search engine.

Features of Google Search Console

1. Performance report

2. Coverage report

3. URL inspection tool

4. URL removal tool

5. Sitemap submit tool

6. Links report

#1. Performance report

Performance report in google search console helps us to view and track our website performance in google search.

This report shows us number of clicks, number of impressions our website got in perticular time period. It also shows us average CTR (click through rate) and average position of our website on google search within selected time period.

This performance report also shows us different queries for which our website pages are ranking and how many impressions and clicks we got on perticular web-page with perticular query. Beside this it also shows us details of countries and types of devices on which queries occurred.

#2. Coverage report

Coverage report in google search console is related to our web-pages. It shows us number error and warning that occurred due to our perticular web-pages.

It also shows us how many links or pages are ranked and available on google search and how many pages are excluded by indexing crowler.

#3. URL inspection tool

URL inspection tool is very useful for us. With the help of this tool, we can check weather our web-page URL is available on google or not.

This URL inspection tool also give us an option to Test Live URL and we can also submit a request to index any live tested URL.

#4. URL removal tool

URL removal tool is used to remove any URL that is already indexed on google. At any point if you want to remove any URL which is previously indexed, you can submit a request to remove that URL from google.

#5. Sitemaps

Sitemap is a xml file consisting list of all your web-page URL.

Submitting sitemap in google search console is very important step to make our website more known to google. Sitemap helps google crawler to understand how many web-page are available on our website and according to that google bot try to index our web-pages.

Example of sitemap file,

My sitemap :

#6. Links report

Links report is very useful to get the information about internal links as well as external links.

In this report, you can see how many external websites are linked with yours and which text (i.e keywors) are pointing to your specific web-pages.

That's it for this post guys.

Beside this, google search console have other features as well but we will discuss them later on in another post.

I hope you find this information useful.

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