How To Open Microsoft Edge Browser Using Command Prompt In Windows 10


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Today I am back with another cool trick that you can try on your windows 10 computer. In this trick we are going to open Microsoft Edge Browser using command prompt.

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Generally we don't use command prompt to do this kind of things and many of us maybe unaware of such a things that we can do with windows command prompt.

So, let's check out this simple tricks.

In order to launch Microsoft Edge Browser using command prompt, you must have it installed on your computer. If you don't have Edge installed on your device, then download and install Edge on your windows PC.

#1. Launching Edge using Command Prompt

First of all open command prompt on your computer. To open command prompt just type "cmd" in windows search bar and click on "command prompt" from the search result.

Once, command prompt gets open, type below code in command prompt window,

start msedge

After typing above code, hit enter and that's it. You will see the edge browser running in front of your eyes.

#2. Open specific URL or Website in Edge using Command Prompt

You can not only open Edge browser using command prompt, but you can also open any URL or website in your Edge browser using command prompt.

For this, you have to type below command in your command prompt window,

start msedge <your URL>

In above code, you have to replace <your URL> with the URL or website address that you want to open in Edge browser.

For example,

start msedge

Once you type the code, hit enter and your specific URL will gets opened in your Edge browser.

So, this is the way you can open any perticular web-page or URL in Edge browser using command prompt.

#3. Launch Edge in Private Mode using Command Prompt

In today's world, security of our data is very important. 

If you're very concerned about security of your data while browsing, you may have heard about private browsing mode.

Mostly all the browsers provide us this feature which we know as incognito mode/private browsing mode.

One great things about this private mode is that, it doesn't record any of your search history and deletes all your data as soon as you leave the private mode.

So, let's see how to open private browsing mode in Edge browser using command prompt.

First of all open Command Prompt and then type below command in your command prompt window.

start msedge -inprivate

Hit enter after writing above code. Edge will now open with private browsing mode.

#4. Launch Edge with Previous Session / Restore Previous Session on Edge Browser using Command Prompt

Many times you may have came accross this things while using any browser.

When you accidentally close any of your browser or when your browser gets automatically closed due to some error, you may think that all your tabs are gone but that's not gone. When you again open that browser, it will ask you if you want to restore that previously lost session or to start a new session.

Same things you can do in your Edge browser.

So, let's see how to restore previous session on Edge browser using command prompt.

For this, type below code in your command prompt window and hit enter.

start msedge --restore-last-session

That's it guys.

I hope you like this command prompt tricks.

If you have any queries, then please do comment and let me know.

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