How To Submit or Remove Sitemap In Google Search Console


Well, being a blogger or a website owner, you may have heard a term sitemap. 

Do you know what is sitemap? or Do you know what is the use of sitemap?

Let me tell you.

What is Sitemap?

Well, sitemap is a simple .XML file, which contains the list of web-page links available on your website. (In other words, sitemap is a file containing list of URLs on your website).

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What is the use of sitemap?

In SEO(Search Engine Optimization), lots of things matter when you want to rank any web-page on search engine. Those things includes backlinks to your web-page, on-page & off-page SEO of your web-page, keywords (& keyword density), Image SEO, etc...etc... and sitemap also plays a important role in it.

As I said that, sitemap have a list of the links of your web-pages or posts, it will help search engine to understand what kind of links are available on your website and need to be ranked on search engine.

So, when you submit a sitemap of your website, it will help google search engine to know more about what's happening on your website, like how often your webpags gets updated or changed and how many important files or webpages are there which could be ranked.

When Do I need a sitemap?

Well, there are some scenario when having a sitemap will help your webpages get found and ranked by search engines. 

>> You need a sitemap when your website is too large or have too many pages.

>> When you have a poor internal linking within your website or say when your webpages are isolated with each other, adding sitemap will help in such situation.

>> When your website is new, it will take time for search engine crawler to understand the structure of your website and hence adding sitemap will help crawler to understand your website better then before.

Where to find your sitemap?

Generally sitemap is saved into root directory of your domain. Chances of finding sitemap into root folder of your domain is very high.

For example,

Location of my sitemap is,

If you don't find sitemap file there, then try searching below,


Replace with your domain name.

You can also find location of your sitemap in robots.txt file.

Try searching, and you will see the robots.txt file of your website which may have your sitemap file location. (See below image)


Now moving forward, assuming you got your sitemap file,

Guide to submit or to remove sitemap into new google search console.

#1. Submitting sitemap to google search console

First of all, head over to google search console website. There click on "Start now" button and then login with your google account.

Note: In order to submit a sitemap, you must have your website property added and verified into search console.

To add sitemap into google search console, click on menu button at top left corner and then click on "Sitemaps".


Now enter your sitemap URL there and click on submit.


You will recieve a message saying sitemap submitted successfully.

You will see the text, "Google will periodically process it and look for changes. You will be notified if anything goes wrong with it in the future." (Which means, you don't need to submit a sitemap again into your google search console. Google will automatically update it. You will be able to see the date when sitemap was submitted and also the date when it was last read by google.)

That's it. This was the process of adding sitemap to google search console.

#2. Removing sitemap from google search console

Incase you want to remove sitemap from google search console,

Just go to google search console and go to sitemap as above.

Now under sitemap, you will see the list of submitted sitemaps. Click on sitemap which you would like to remove from the google search console.

Next, click on three dot on the the top right corner of your screen and you will get an option to remove that sitemap.


That's it my friend!

I hope you find this guide somewhat useful to you.

Frequently asked questions:

Does sitemap helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Well, having a sitemap helps indexing crowler to find important pages and links of your website. We can say that sitemap helps in enhancing the ranking & indexing of your website and ultimately it do impact on SEO.

Does small website need a sitemap?

Well, if you have a very small website or have a only few links with a simple structure, you don't need to have a sitemap for that website.

How often sitemap should be submitted?

Generally you need to submit a sitemap only one time. Sitemap gets periodically updated to find wheather there are any new pages or links added on your website since it was last updated.

If you have any queries, please do comment and let me know.

And Thank You!! for your time.

Good bye 👋🏻, have a great day.

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