How To Find Saved WiFi Password On Mac


As food is necessary to live, internet also become a part of our life and we can't spend an hour without it.

You might be using WiFi network at your home or at work, don't you? because most people do so. But have you ever stucked in a situation where you forget your WiFi password?

If you are a Mac user and using WiFi network to do your work and to do some online activities. But suppose, your friends appears suddenly and ask you to give a WiFi password.

You wanted to give them a password but what if you forget your password?

How can you find the password of your WiFi network?

Don't worry, every problem has a solution.

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Here, I am going to share a simple way to find a saved WiFi password on your Mac Os device.

Previously I shared a guide on How to find saved WiFi password on windows PC, today I am going to share a guide for Mac users.

Method 1 || Find Password Using Keychain Access

Keychain Access is an inbuilt utility app available in your Mac device. This keychain access stores the all of your passwords. So this utility software is very helpful for you if you want to retrieve any saved password. But to do so, you need to have administrator privilege (i.e You need to have User ID & Password of administrator).

#Step 1. First of all lauch keychain access app on your Mac device. 

For that, you can use spotlight search to find keychain access and from the search result, you can open it.

#Step 2. Once the keychain access gets open, go to system and then click on passwords under category.


#Step 3. Now you will see the list of network. Double click on any network for which you want to find out the password.

#Step 4. Now click on Show Password.


#Step 5. Once you click show password, new pop-up menu will appear and it will ask you to enter the username and password of administrator to access the key.


#Step 6. After granting the administrator privilege, you will be able to see the password of that network in password field.


That's it. This was the first method to retrieve the saved WiFi password using keychain access.

Method 2 || Find password Using Terminal

One of the greatest feature of every OS is their in-built terminal. We can do lots of things using terminal. 

We just need to enter correct command in terminal and we can do many amazing things with it.

In windows system, terminal is known as command prompt. In Mac OS, it is simply Terminal.

#Step 1. Open terminal app on your Mac device.

For that, you can use spotlight search to find it.

#Step 2. Once the terminal gets open, enter below command,

security find-generic-password -ga WIFI NAME | grep "password:"

Note: Don't forget to replace WIFI NAME in above command with the exact name of your network.

#Step 3. Once you hit enter button after writing above command, you will be promoted to enter the username & password of administrator to access the key.

#Step 4. After granting the permission, you will finally be able to see the password of that network in your terminal.

That's it. This was the second method to find the saved WiFi password in Mac using Terminal.

I hope you find this trick useful for you. 

Comment down below if you have any queries.

So, tell me which is the favorite features of your in Mac OS.

Good Bye 👋🏻, have a pleasant day.

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