How To Set Time And Date To Schedule Blog Post In Blogger


When you are doing blogging, it is most important that you maintain consistency in publishing new content on your website.

If you are regularly writing articles on your blog or website, you can schedule your articles by setting time and date so that it get published on time.

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Today in this post I will tell you the simple guide by which you can schedule your blog post in blogger. By following this guide, you will be able to set any future date & time on which you want to publish the post.

Why to schedule blog post?

You might be wondering that why we need to schedule the blog post if we can publish it when we done writing that post.

What is the advantage of scheduling blog post?

What is the need of scheduling blog post?

Does scheduling the blog post makes difference on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Lots of question of this kind may be jogging in your mind.

So, let me clear your confusion and explain you everything.

Why to schedule blog post & what is the advantage of it?

If you want to make your blog (or website) popular and wants to rank it higher on search engines, then definitely you need to work hard on your blog.

You need to come up with lots of unique and interesting content for your readers to make your blog stand out in the crowd.

So, when we talk about writing content, I assume that you are doing it very well. But how many blog post are you publish per day or per week or per month.

Do you have consistency in publishing blog post on your blog (or website)? (Because consistency is very important in SEO and in ranking your blog).

Let's take an example,

Suppose you are publishing one post per day on your blog.

And for that you started writing new post in morning and after couple hours of hard work you finally finished writing & editing your post and published it. Let's assume that you published that post at 06:00 PM.

On next day, you follow the same routine to write another new post but that post took you more time to finish and finally you managed to publish it at 10:00 PM.

Somedays, situation can happen that you left with no post published on that day.

So, what I am saying is that this kind of irregular timing in publishing new blog post breaks your schedule and ruins your consitency and ultimately it affects SEO & Ranking.

This also affect the readers who are daily & regular visitors of your website.

So, in order to avoid such minor problems, you should schedule your new blog post to keep it published on time.

Now, let's see the simple way to schedule blog post in blogger.

Step by step guide to schedule blog post in blogger

#Step 1. Go to blogger and click on create new post and start writing your post. 

#Step 2. Once you complete writing & editing entire post, you can schedule it by setting future date & time.

For that, click on "Settings" ⚙️ icon on blogger toolbar. There you will see "Published on" option. 

Go to that option, and select "Set date and time". Now select any future date from the calendar and set any time at which you want to publish the post.


#Step 3. Once you finish settings date & time, hit the publish button.

You will see the pop-up message saying that your post will be published on schedule time.

That's it my friend.

I hope you find this guide useful and worthy to read.

So, tell me about your publishing schedule and how many post are you publishing per day on your blog.

Good bye 👋🏻, have a nice day.

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