Hey there!
I am Nitin Patel, 24 year old human-being from India 🇮🇳. If you are reading this, then you might be a human or a robot I don't know 🤔 as my website don't have CAPTCHA verification to prevent robotic authentication. So if you're a robot then please don't mess up with my blog 😄.

Now let's talk about my blog
I started this blog in May, 2020 and named it Omnilution. If you brilliant people are trying to find the meaning of the word Omnilution, then don't torture your mind because even I don't know the meaning of the same 😆.

I am passionate about blogging and sharing things & ideas with others. Here in this blog I want to share things related to blogging, technology, various tips & tricks and some other useful stuffs.

As of now I only have this much things to share about my blog & myself.

Thank you 🙏🏻.